About Me

My name is Brie Schindel and I am a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist in Alberta, Canada.  I love working with toddler's and parents who are trying to help their toddlers to talk. 

I have a 2 year-old daughter and a 3-month-old son!  My education taught me a lot about language development, but what I've learned from my kids cannot be taught in a classroom.  I love watching them develop language skills (sometimes figuring things out right before my very eyes!) and I love sharing the hilarious things they say and do with others...doesn't every mother love to brag a little?

My intentions in writing this blog are to share interesting information about baby and toddler language development as well as to give you suggestions for activities to do with your children to help them develop language so they can communicate clearly with everyone they need to.

Kids learn through play, so I'm not a big fan of flashcards and worksheets.  Use the toys your kids love best and you'll be able to teach them so much more, without them even realizing it!