Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My favorite preschool game

I love watching children learn basic concepts.  This week, my daughter has been learning the concept of 'in front/behind'.  As she walks behind me down the stairs, she says "Mom, you're ahind me" and I reply "No silly goose, I'm in front of you and you're behind me!"  No doubt that by  next week she'll have this one mastered.

Starting in September my daughter's off to preschool so last week we pulled out my favorite preschool game from my stash of work activities (which are stored in my basement while I'm home on maternity leave).  My copy of Cariboo Cranium is a little worse for wear.  The key is broken so instead we must use a golf tee and the cards are bent and wrinkled, but its as much fun as ever.  This game has it all.  Brightly colored bouncy balls, treasure and the built-in opportunity to teach shapes, counting, numbers, letter identification and colors.  This has been our go-to gift for every 3-year-old birthday party we've gone to this year and my daughter is no exception.  She turns 3 in July and she'll get the modern version of this game, Cariboo Island.  Give it a try with your preschooler!


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