Thursday, 17 May 2012

The floppy baby?

I recently added a blog called "Speech Buddies" to my resources list and wanted to share this interesting article about hypotonia, which is a fancy word for low muscle tone.
Low muscle tone effects development in a variety of ways and the earlier it's identified and treated, the better the outcome.  I've definitely seen kiddos with low tone in my practice and I often suspect that muscle tone may be an issue when I see a child whose mouth is constantly open and there's lots of drool happening.  A child who appears like this doesn't necessarily have low tone, but its a reason to look into it.



Monday, 14 May 2012

Funny errors along the way!

My daughter will be 3 in July and she's very chatty!  It's been so entertaining to watch her learn language and see the funny mistakes she's made along the way.  A few days ago we were walking to the playground and she said "mom will you carry me, I'm getting a little busy", I was puzzled for a moment before I realized she was telling me she was tired.  I gave her the right word and we continued on.  Yesterday we were out walking again and this time she told my husband that she was "getting a little busy" once I explained what she meant, he told her that she was actually getting a little tired - she agreed that she was a little tired (not busy).  Most toddlers learn language so effortlessly that the mistakes are here today and gone tomorrow, it really is amazing to watch as their little brains learn.  I'm sure when I take my daughter out for a walk again this week, she'll ask me to carry her because she's tired...perhaps what I should really be thinking about is investing in a double stroller so that I'm not pushing a stroller and carrying a toddler!