Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Apps. and toddler language development

I must confess, I don't own an fact, I recently checked out an iPad app. that was recommended to me and I had to borrow a friend's iPad to do this!  We recently got a Blackberry Playbook and although there are thousands of apps. for the Playbook versus hundreds of thousands of apps. for the iPad, we find it serves our purposes just fine.

I've downloaded a few apps. for my 2-year-old daughter to check out.  The first was a very simple game where we popped bubbles on the screen.  She loved it, but it would have been more useful in helping her learn language back when she was about 18-months-old and needed to learn to say the word 'pop'.  Could I have got out a bottle of bubbles instead? Absolutely!  But let's face it, our kids are fascinated by those smartphones and tablets that us parents are constantly swiping away at!  Phones and tablets are certainly not meant to replace the fun activities that you do with your child, but there's no harm in letting them do a little playing with you.  They key is that it happens with you.  Just like with any activity - puzzles, bubbles or apps. for your device - if the goal is helping your child develop language, your interaction with them is critical!  Your enthusiasm and expression as well as the words you use are going to be the key elements to your child learning language during any activity.

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