Thursday, 19 January 2012

Babies reading lips??

Just the other day, there was a story in the news about babies reading lips while learning to talk.  Check it out:

Us Speech-Language Pathologists have been teaching parents about this for years. Encouraging them to be on the same level as their children (down on the floor if necessary) and face to face.  It's so interesting to see this skill at work with my 3-month-old.  Having mastered the coos and goos, I'm now thinking about the next verbal skill my baby should achieve - the babble (you know the one: bababa, mamama, dadada). I'm now constantly in his face making quiet "bababa" noises.  He gets so excited, kicking his legs, smiling and laughing with glee!  And there it is, his eyes flick from my eyes to my mouth...he's definitely watching what my mouth is doing. I'll have to be patient over the next few months while he figures out what his lips need to do to match mine but he will be babbling soon I'm sure.  Language development is incredible to watch!