Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ipad apps. to help kids learn language?

Apps. are such a buzz in most circles these days and the world of Speech-Language Pathology is no different.  I recently checked out 'Speech with Milo' which offers apps. to help kids learn about verbs (action words), prepositions (location words) and sequencing as well as an interactive storybook app.  Since I focus my attention on toddlers (and happen to have one at home to practice with) I checked out the verb and preposition apps. which can be used with kiddos as young as age 2.  My daughter sees me use my smartphone all the time and whenever she gets her hands on it, she randomly jabs at the screen, so she was very enthusiastic when I helped her use the Ipad to try these apps.  Sure enough, she quickly caught on to how to make 'Milo' move.

Both of these apps. are just $2.99.  The graphics are cute and simple and the basic idea is to provide the user with an interactive flashcard to help kids learn the concept.  Once my daughter touched Milo, he moved to help her learn the concept he was teaching (for example, he got 'in' and 'out' of the car).  Once his action was complete, I could click 'phrase' to have the concept word used in a phrase too. 

The creator provides additional ideas about how to use the app. and help teach the concepts and you're able to select words to work on or just run through the complete list.  There's a cute little interactive 'break' built-in to the activity too.

Check out this app.  online at


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