Friday, 22 July 2011

Pronoun Progress

Until very recently, my daughter made the adorable error of saying "hold you" when she wanted us to hold her.  She just had not yet mastered correct pronoun use.  We both thought this was incredibly cute, but that did not stop the Speech-Language Pathologist in me from repeating "hold me?" each and every time she said it.  Just a few short weeks after noticing this error, we are now noticing that, more often than not, she now says "hold me" when she wants a cuddle.

Pronouns-errors are a common mistakes for preschool children to make - I often hear things like "him want a cookie" or "her is tall" - but most preschoolers easily learn the correct way to use pronouns.  Parents can help children along in this learning simply by being good models.  If you already know that your child makes mistakes, take the opportunity to emphasize your correct use.  For example, say things like "Look at that little boy, he's eating ice cream!", and when you hear your child make mistakes, simply repeat or clarify their statement.  For example, if you hear "him want a cookie too", clarify by saying "He wants a cookie too?".  Enough of these quick and easy models and your typically developing child should learn to use their pronouns correctly without much trouble at all.


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