Monday, 13 June 2011

Cook together!

Can you find a way to involve your toddler in snack or meal preparation?  Not only is this a great one-on-one activity, but it's also a fun and interactive way to introduce a variety of language concepts to your toddler. 

My daugher and I made pancakes together yesterday morning.  I'd fill up measuring cups and spoons with ingredients and she'd dump them into the bowl for me.  Then I gave her a spoon of her own so that we could both mix the batter together.  We talked about the wet ingredients, the dry ingredients and the sequence of steps to make pancakes. with the best step (eating them) being the last.

Here are a few ways to add rich language into this fun activity:
  • Use sequence words like first and last.
  • Describe the steps in simple language (eg. 'mix it', 'dump the flour') using lots of action words
  • Talk about any mess your child (or you) makes and about cleaning it up.
  • Describe the food using size words, color words, numbers and comparison words like same and different
There are lots of great sources for kid-friendly recipes.  Here is one great site I found

An added perk - cooking with your child has the advantage of encouraging more interest in the foods you're eating!


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