Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The joy of play dough!

Play dough is a favorite toddler activity of mine.  It's inexpensive, can be store-bought or homemade and there are so many great ways to add fun sounds and language into play dough play with your child.  Before you even begin playing, your child can choose the color they want to play with and you have the chance to model the word "open" as you get set up to play.  Be sure to grab your own lump of play dough so that you can easily model new sounds and words for your child. 

Here are a few of my favorite things to do with play dough:
  • Roll play dough into a  long snake, model the word "loooong" and make a hissing sound that your child can imitate
  • Model the words "pat pat pat" and "roll roll roll" while you play
  • Show your child how to squish the play dough with a finger and of course model this fun word
  • Roll your play dough into a ball and pretend to make it "bounce bounce bounce"
  • When it's time to clean up, roll little balls of play dough for your child and model the word "in" every time they put a ball of play dough away
There are many homemade recipes available online for play dough and I thought this website looked cute:, but I must admit that with  my busy life, I tend to buy multi-paks of colorful pre-made play dough to save time and energy.

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